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Engines To Search App is the ideal web search assistant for iPhone and Safari, you get internet search results with better precision. Together with Safari, Engines To Search is the best solution to improve your search workflow. you can simple enable some check boxes (search by date) (search by extension) (all/intitle) (all/inurl) (all/inanchor) (...) with this you are able to get better search results in google and other search engines. Engines To Search is also the first Web Browser app with a Main Dynamic search bar and with two Static Sub search bars. (before and after) how does this work? this means for example you can type any text or choose/put with a single checkbox a sentence like (what is de top 10 apps for) in the Static Sub search bar and then you can leave it there now you can repeatedly use the Main Dynamic search bar put a word like iPhone and then choose/click on a popular search engine or you can fast ask it to different Ai services buttons. imagine what you can do with a text like this in the static search bar (Write a Paragraph About:)  

engines to search

You can download Engines To Search App from Here:

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Advantages of this App

  • Ask one time in the search bar and find out very fast which [ai engines] or [search engines] gives the best answer. that is the power of this app. (this is the first ios app that can do that so fast!)
  • Quick Launch
  • Getting search results in safari browser
  • Getting search results in built-in browser
  • Easy interface
  • Main search bar with two sub search bars
    (this way you can leave repetitive text in sub bars)
  • Search Engines are sorted by popularity
  • Compare answers quickly in diverse Ai Engines
    (free to use)
    You Ai (automatic) vs Perplexity Ai (automatic) vs Google bard/Gemini Ai (manually from clipboard!)
    Tip: if Paste not direct work on Gemini Website - Then Before using Paste, Push [Return] & [Done] Buttons on keyboard
  • You Can Tuning your Ai Answer Results by Using Some CheckBoxes.
    Based on 5x Categories :
    Language, Format, Job, Style, Tone
    (Example: English, HTML, Philosopher, Poetic, Authoritative)
    (You Can Leave it There, And So Simple Repeat Your Questions.)


  • Can do translations in different Ai Engines & Translate Engines
  • Search Google with precision by enable some check boxes
  • ability to do search by date
  • Browsing web with ai results
  • Spin text on main or sub search bars.
    (Note! you can only use Spin text on first level niveau : {word|word}text{word|word} - second level niveau you can not use! {{word}word}|{word|word}}
  • Can do meta searches
  • Getting search results with or without history influence
  • Do searches by extensions.
  • Query search bars (before & after)
  • Can access and do searches in more then 10.000 sites + socials + search engines by using Bangs in the sub search bar (DuckDuckGo)
    Examples are: !w = wikipedia - !qr = Qrcode - !p = Pinterest - !r = Reddit - !tw = twitter - !earth = Google Earth - !fb = facebook - and many more.


  • Use Safari browser as default browser
    (we also recommend for the best workflow experience, that you disabled the private browser in safari)
  • Some of websites, it will ask you to sign-in
    (you will need it for the best experience of this app)

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